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Monday, August 31

100 New Members to Celebrate 100 Years!

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Saturday, September 5 // 7 PM - 9 PM

Joseph Rossetti Recital



photo (2)The piano is Joseph's passion, refuge, and strength. It inspires him the way he seeks to inspire all those who hear him play. The sounds of the instrument covers his soul like a warm blanket the way he hopes to comfort the souls of his audiences. It provides strength when he is weak the way he tries to empower the minds of those who have their own musical dream. His dedication to his musical journey has been extensive, and by no means has it been easy.
Born in Palermo, Sicily, but raised in Philadelphia since age 12, Joseph Rossetti began studying piano as a young child with his opera-singing mother. Honing the skills of sight-reading and playing by ear early on, Joseph’s dedication has paid off, leading him to secure sponsorships to play before many audiences.
With a Master’s degree in Music Performance from Western State University, Joseph is determined to play on stages across the country, and eventually, around the world.  To date, he’s performed locally with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia at Bryn Mawr College and the West Chester University Symphony Orchestra at WCU. He has also performed in Atlantic City and in New York City at The Dimenna Center for Classical Music.
Joseph feels strongly about empowering young people to pursue their musical passion and donated his time to perform at the Ethel D. Allen Promise Academy in North Philadelphia, where he also held an essay contest, as part of an ongoing effort to give back to the community and promote music appreciation.
To support his piano career, Joseph is self-employed as a piano teacher and in-demand window washer, catering to local businesses. He readily invests his earnings in lessons with piano greats David Oei and Dr. Mark Silverman and studies at The Manhattan School of Music. According to Dr. Robert Ross, Chairman of the Music Department at The Community College of Philadelphia, where Joseph studied and performed, “Joseph is a master of the Classical and Romantic solo piano repertory, with unerring ensemble sense in chamber music and concerti.”
To see Joseph’s performances online, visit his website at www.josephrossetti.com.



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Saturday, September 12 // 7:00 PM

The Cart of Love / El Carro del Amor – Fringe Festival

$20/ 75 minutes

$35 / 180 min, including “Soprano Meets Contrabass”

 – Use discount code: Soprano/Cart

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 4.40.15 PMAna María Ruimonte, “the Spanish Mezzo&Soprano,” sings love songs from 17th century Spain with instrumental accompaniment and projected multimedia in a bilingual theatrical spectacular featuring puppets in period costumes, projections of paintings, and other illustrations to bring the Spanish Baroque period to life.

“El Carro Del Amor,” a bilingual multimedia theatrical spectacular written by and starring Ana María Ruimonte and featuring “profane” songs of 17th Century Spain accompanied in performance
by a baroque chamber orchestra, each song introduced by a short play set in a different part of the country during Spain’s “Golden Century.”
Ana María Ruimonte, “the Spanish Mezzo&Soprano” sings baroque theatrical love songs accompanied live by musicians with period instruments, while in the background are projected scenes from the paintings and photographs of surviving landscapes that transport the audience into the Siglo de Oro – the Spanish Golden Century.FRINGECARRO1
The Cart of Love uses elaborate period costumes based directly on characters depicted in paintings from 17th Century Spain. A multimedia composition accompanies the original stories with puppets which act out adult themes of love. The stories educate the audience in an entertaining way about life in 17th Century Spain and explore the adult themes of love, loss and jealousy. They make it possible for the audience to understand the various family situations and conflicts and passions of love. Much of the theatrical presentation and the lyrics are in Spanish. The multimedia include English subtitles for a truly bilingual,multicultural experience.
 Juan Hidalgo, José Marín, Lope de Vega, Juan Vélez de Guervara, José Ribera, Esteban Murillo, FRINGECARRO2Juan Carreño, Diego Velázquez, Calderón de la Barca, Santiago Palomares are the celebrities!
Ana María Ruimonte, Spanish Mezzo Soprano
Donna Fournier, viola da gamba
Elizabeth Huston, harp
David Wolfsohn, harpsichord
William R. Davis Jr., flute
Shawn Hennessey, percussion
Alan Lewine, puppeteer and multimedia projections.
Angel Rodríguez and Beatriz Suárez, narrators and actors.
Alan Lewine and Stephanie Cooper, translations.
Jacqueline Fowlques, costumes
Estudios Chitón, Madrid

Judith Schaechter

Thursday, September 17 // 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Material Legacy: Masters of Fiber, Clay and Glass at the PAA

Opening Reception: Free and open to the public!

This exhibition is part of a multi-venue series of exhibitions honoring Fellows of the American Craft Council who have had considerable impact on the Philadelphia region. In addition, this series of exhibitions is a major feature of the city-wide pilot project Craft NOW I Philadelphia, and includes the participation of our organization along with The Center for Art in Wood, The Clay Studio, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The ACC College of Fellows are composed of craftspeople that have made significant contributions to the field of craft in the United States, with over 25 years of practice in their respective disciplines. The Philadelphia region has been widely recognized for its rich history and accomplishments in the field of craft, which is reflected in the number of artists who have become part of the ACC College of Fellows. These four exhibitions, the accompanying publication, and educational programming are all designed to highlight the impact of the Philadelphia region on craft on a national scale by featuring the work of 15 different Fellows among the four venues.

At the PAA, this exhibition will be held from September 17 to November 30, 2015 and will feature Adela Akers (fiber), Lewis Knauss (fiber), Judith Schaechter (glass), Warren Seelig (fiber/architecture), and Paula Winokur (porcelain). During the three months of this exhibition, the PAA will also present educational programs featuring Lewis Knauss, Warren Seelig and Judith Scheachter. It should also be noted that this collaborative project among these four institutions is also the cummulation of the 100-year anniversary program at the PAA. Throughout this celebratory year, the PAA has presented the work of all Philadelphia-based artists, as well as educational programming that challenges preconceived definitions of engagement and creative practice in craft and design.


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